“Why you carry my jeep, you no see see Corolla drive” – Mark Angel blocks Emmanuella’s way, tackles her for driving his Jeep (Watch)

The renowned skit comedian, Mark Angel, recently shared a video capturing a comical encounter where he intercepted and questioned his daughter, Emmanuella, after spotting her behind the wheel of his Jeep SUV.


During a casual stroll down the street, Mark Angel was taken aback when his vehicle approached. Upon realizing that Emmanuella was the one driving, he inquired about her destination. She revealed that she was en route to her aunt’s place to retrieve her shoes.


Mark Angel proceeded to question why Emmanuella didn’t opt for the Corolla or Highlander vehicles available at home.

In a lighthearted response, Emmanuella defended her choice, explaining that she found the other cars, like the Corolla and Highlander, too small, prompting her to select the larger Jeep for her journey.

Following a playful exchange, Mark Angel granted her permission to use the car, emphasizing the importance of ensuring the vehicle’s safety throughout her drive.

Mark Angel accompanied the video with the caption;

Aah… shey I will not visit mechanic?… Don’t forget to refill my tank sha @officialemanuella.”

Watch the video below;



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